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Ascentech is the core technology company of the group focusing on the backend solutions. Ascentech has provided online gaming solutions to companies like Shapoorji & Pallanji, Videocon, Martin Agencies etc. as well as into African markets. Apart from gaming solution, Ascentech has also provided ERP solutions to Municipal Corporations ( Urban Local Bodies), Restaurants, etc.

Specializes in Real Time Offsite Data capture and processing tools riding on Mo-devices (mobiles & Tablets) Platform. It leverages Compu-nicating (Computing & Communicating) Power of Mobile, Data Management capabilities of the Cloud.

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We strive to provide best-in-class technology services in the areas of modern technology, application implementationensuring client’s competitive advantage. Our consultative approach and collaborative engagement methodology position us to provide the much-needed insight to our customers and help them garner the requisite solutions for all their technology initiatives.

Our Mission

with you, we create and deliver business and technology solutions that fit your needs and drive the results you want

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ASCENTech is a leading solution provider for Internet based Real-time applications Established in 2004, The Company has been promoted by some highly experienced Professionals dedicated to provide total IT solutions under one roof.

It possesses not only the latest technology gadgets but also the most knowledgeable and experience hands to offer most user friendly customized solutions

ASCENTechprovides high quality on site services for software development and the end users on a broad range of software platforms and latest technologies.

Innovation and stability are the winning features which earn us most praise. Systems implemented by ASCENTech over the past few years are still in daily use, including those developed as "short-term" solutions.

Our Specialization

ASCENTechspecializes in Turnkey Project Management, Software Development, Software Consulting and Corporate Training.

ASCENTechhas proudly succeeded in Implementing Finance and Banking application in almost 54 branches in all over India, and M-GOV app has been currently used by many Municipal Corporations and many are under the process

Why choose us
  • We customize our solutions to fit your specific needs
  • Our goal is to transform the way that you do business
  • We are responsive
  • We have the experience
  • We deliver the application that delivers best in class performance at affordable prices

We believe in delivering tangible results for our customers in a cost-effective manner. We do this through a consultative, solution-based approach wherein we gather in-depth understanding of the customer’s requirements and facilitate customized solutions.

In the process, we ensure greater efficiency and predictability in businesses through a dependable IT infrastructure. Our process-based approach towards project execution and infrastructure support is among the best in the industry. Our delivery model is structured around customer needs to ensure flawless execution. Our Strategic Technology Consulting & Business Solutions Consulting practices address today's dynamic business needs from a technology standpoint and more importantly, from a strategic business perspective. This is very valuable for transaction centric industries/businesses such as Banking, Financial Services, Payments, Telecom and Retail.

Our agility, responsiveness and efficiency in execution is vouched for by all our customers. We provide service in major Indian metros with good service and customer relationships – Mumbai, Pune,Bangalore,Hyderabad,Delhi

Board of Directors

Mr. Ashutosh Samant, Managing Director
  • Managing Director and founder of company
  • Overall 22+ years of experience in information technology covering experience in Oracle, VC++, MySQL, Dot Net, J2ME,MS SQL.
  • Experience in delivering I.T. solutions for Public, Banking, Telecom, CBFS, Gaming sector.
  • Expertise in building Realtime Transaction Management System (RTLS) with mobility solution
  • Credit to implement first cloud for CBFI (Community Based Financial Inclusion) sector.
  • Mantra to get things done
    • Be on Ground Zero, with the team, and for the team
    • Help clear the roadblocks, and seek ways to increase productivity at all times
    • Be compassionate, towards the needs of clients and teams
Mr. Waman Breed, Director
  • Executive Director of the Company
  • Overall 16+ years of experience in project implementation and MNO (Maintenance and Operations).
  • Experience in deploying solutions for Public, Gaming sector.
  • Credit to deploy M-Gov application in 14 ULB
  • Credit to deploy online gaming solution in 8 countries.
  • Expertise in project testing and operations
  • Mantra to get things done
    • Spread your knowledge, expertise among others to ensure that you are not the bottleneck at any point of time in the project.
    • be efficient in your work
    • Always try to find a smarter or better way to do the same task.

Client List
  • Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation, Vasai (E-Governance ERP Solution)
  • CoPASS Technology and Services Pvt. Ltd. (PAN INDIA, CORE BANKING SOLUTION)
  • Future Gaming & Hotel Services (Punjab, (Govt Authorised Online Lottery System)
  • KINGS SPORTS BET (UGANDA, Online Gaming Solutions)
  • Ballarpur Municipal Council, (Ballarpur, Chandrapur Dist.(m-Gov Solutions)
  • HATHWAY CABLE & ISP (PAN INDIA, Cable & Interner Service Provider ERP)
  • Fortune Enterprises Maharashtra Government Authorized Online Lottery System
  • Chopda Municipal Council Jalgaon Mobile Based Tax Collection System
  • TBSS PAN INDIA Collection Module (3rd Party Management)


ASCENTech bought latest Technologies and Solutions in e-governance solution in VVCMC. We are quite impressed with ASCENTech on their ability to perform in implementations. Our current momentum is great with ASCENTech Team. Our e-governance project is running smoothly for last 2 years.
Vasai Virar Municipal Corporation

Mobile based Tax Collection System has worked with ASCENTech Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. over 2 years. We have found them to be very reliable and able to adapt to our industry. They have provided us with an extremely successful application for mobile devices, and have done so in a timely manner, using their available, professional resources. We would recommend ASCENTech to any company needing an extension to their IT department, and plan to use them for various upcoming projects. M-Gov is an application specific software provider for the Tax collection purpose, and currently offers 6 inventory management software packages, as well as a suite of Mo-devices products. They have been in business for over 15+ years and have an extensive customer base worldwide.
Ballarpur Municipal Council

Your focus on clear communication and keeping it simple got us results within budget without sacrificing quality.

ASCENTech Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. offers a unique combination of design and programming experience that complements the conceptual work we like to concentrate on. Whether we need a brand to be extended onto the screen, or a technical back-end to be built to support our content, ASCENTech Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. is equipped to handle the task, quickly & efficiently.
Future Gaming

ASCENTech Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. has been the perfect technology partner for us for over 5 years. They bring a high standard of performance, keen technical resources, an unparalleled work ethic, and do it all seamlessly as an extension of my own IT department. From Business Intelligence architecture and support, Software development and support, ASCENTech Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. has consistently exceeded my, and my customer's expectations by providing quality solutions to an ever-growing complex technology landscape across 10 countries. Our sales is proportionately enhanced by their contributions. A strategic partner for certain

ASCENTech together with the Hathway team provided excellent support during the project which allowed us to successfully go live in a very short period. The industry specific functionality of Cable ERP and enabled us to use standard software and still have a great fit with our business. ASCENTech came with best practices for the industry and deep understanding of our business which we used to the maximum. ASCENTech listens to their customers and continues to release enhancements for their industry solutions. This means that Sumitomo now runs a sustainable and modern enterprise solution which is ready for the future.